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Polycarbonate Sheet
GPPS Design Sheet offered is used for areas such as interior fittings for decoration, display and point-of-sale, as well as store design. This sheet is known for light weighted, shatter resistance, cost effective, transparent as well as semi-transparent, vibrant colours, high strength, better performance, and extended service life. 
Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Sheets grants the user commendable weather ability and also holds outstanding resistance towards the sunlight and extreme unfavorable temperatures. It is well suited for thermoforms and has excellent stiffness and strength accompanied by optical clarity. 
Diffusion Sheet
Diffusion Sheet is has the most impressive quality that can withstand adverse environment  easily and also is offered in end number of dimensions as per the requirement of the user.
Diffusion Plate
Diffusion Plate offered by our company is used to diffuse the heat over the floor area. This system has been designed for timber joist floors or battened timber floors over concrete slab applications with hydronic floor heating systems. This sheet is very economical and safe to use.
Corrugated Profile Sheet
Corrugated Profile Sheet is mostly used in agricultural buildings due to repetitive folds on their surface. Because of their unique shape, they offer years of reliable utility and enhanced strength. Their corrugated design with ridges and grooves makes them stronger than before.
Polystyrene Sheet
Polystyrene Sheet is widely used in the the applications such as packaging. The product is very efficient when we talk about the high tensile strength and durability The versatility of the same is meritable.
Polycarbonate Solid Sheet uses a transparent thermoplastic known as polycarbonate. This sheet is ideal for safety glazing, protective screens, skylights and domes, tunnels, greenhouse glazing, and so on. This sheet when compared to glass, it proves to be more impactful than glass. This sheet is thermally insulated and is very economical to use.
GPPS Embossed Sheet

GPPS Embossed Sheet is used for areas like interior fittings for decoration, display and point of sale, store design and so on. This sheet is preferred for its light weighted, shatter resistance, superior construction finish, high strength, flexibility, transparency, vibrant colours, easy installation, and extended service life.